Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★½

Exciting news! I’ve started writing for BRWC! Where else to begin but with this gem. Enjoy!

Promising Young Woman touted its arrival as a motion picture event which would ignite a conversation. Safe to say, it has delivered on this promise with the film sparking debate amongst casual viewers and cinephiles alike. So successful was Promising Young Woman at tapping into a public discourse that its writer and director Emerald Fennell’s screenplay triumphed in perhaps the most competitive category – that of original screenplay – at this year’s Academy Awards. 

But upon further inspection, does Promising Young Woman exist as an excellent film on its own merit rather than simply a perceptive screenplay tapping into an ongoing contemporary debate surrounding sexual abuse towards women? Prominent films with accolades and acclaim have the dangerous tendency to build hype so tall that it builds insurmountable expectations amongst audiences. Will Promising Young Woman stand the test of time? I believe it will continue to ignite debates for decades to come. 

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