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  • This Is the End

    This Is the End


    Oh, is the power of Christ compelling me, Jay? Is it? 

    Since all the actors are themselves... then this is all canon in Hollywood right?? 
    Michael Cera really... be like that huh

    Tbh y’all think it’s a comedy but it’s really a documentary film about the lives of celebrities

    Will never not be funny

  • Saint Young Men

    Saint Young Men


    this was so funny aksjlhgalksjdg
    cannonically jesus can't swim and that's why he walks on water asjkhgaskjdgh so funny I'm
    there's just so much gold in this im aksjdhglajdg
    i feel like i didn't get all the jokes but that def means it's so much better than i realize ksajldgha

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  • Barbie and the Three Musketeers

    Barbie and the Three Musketeers


    I’m always amazed by Barbie movies
    Soundtrack so good
    Bunch of funny one liners
    Wacky lil animation bits
    So nostalgic and brings up the best parts of childhood
    Great for tagging yourself and friends as characters
    You can watch it again and again without being bored
    Color palette so pretty and soothing of course and lots of sparkles
    Love it, take down the patriarchy, feminism, don’t let boys tell you that you can’t do it or can’t dream big

  • My Scene Goes Hollywood: The Movie

    My Scene Goes Hollywood: The Movie


    Sophie and I had such a horrible week at work that we went to my house, made açaí bowls, drank Smirnoff, and watched this to cheer us up. Girls night for real. Love my scene, but smh Madison always tryna ruin the friend dynamic