I'm Poppy: The Film ★½

Her YouTube videos were much better (as is her current music, an eccentric but catchy mix of nu metal and pop), although Poppy's performance achieves a perfect blankness, like an AI device imitating an influencer but getting lost in a very uncanny valley. Maybe if this had turned into a TV series satirizing Illuminati conspiracy theories about the music industry, it would've showed promise. But knowing what we now do about its writer/director Titanic Sinclair and the way he abused Poppy and Mars Argo (with whom he tried out the exact same concept for an exaggeratedly femme character making performance art videos and seguing into pop stardom and then discarded when she wouldn't put up with his mistreatment), the VigilantCitizen-core elements just seem to be Sinclair delighting in what he could get away with under a thin veil.