Lifeforce ★★★½

Deeply WTF , blunt about heterosexual men's projections of their fears about sex onto women and Western culture's inability to recognize genuine difference in a way that exaggerates seemingly sexist imagery to the point where it looks utterly ridiculous. Hammer mashed up with ALIEN and Cronenberg's body horror, but gleefully devoid of good taste. The lighting and cinematography are beautiful, but I hope the apocalyptic plague has more grandeur than a few dozen extras in bad makeup running through London backlot sets. I saw this for the first time as a virginal, closeted college student in the 80s. I don't remember my reaction, but that seems like a strangely appropriate time of life to watch it.

Note: I saw the 100-minute cut originally released in the US, because it's on HBO Max and I didn't know there's a longer director's cut.