Test Pattern ★★★½

TEST PATTERN does a great job of sketching in the dynamics of Renesha (Brittany S. Hall and Evan's (Will Brill) relationship, from their initial meeting and first few dates to his reaction after she's sexually assaulted. He's a "nice guy" whose anger at that violation may be genuinely righteous, but he doesn't understand the reasons why Renesha is less than enthusiastic about spending hours trying to get a rape kit for a very slim chance at prosecuting her rapist or why she doesn't want him to call the police. Without spelling this out explicitly - directorial and editing choices like the scene where Renesha drives past the Austin PD headquarters and looks at their sign, then continues driving, speaks volumes - working within the system sounds a lot better if you're a white guy. This could've been made as an answer to the flaws of PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN's ending.