Aquaman ★★★

At 2.5 hrs it's easy to see what they did with Aquaman...they forgot that final edit...which makes this my 3rd favorite DCEU flick so far.

Aquaman is a mixed bag: it's part badly-acted 80s action flick, part corny superhero dialogue TV show, part globe-trotting adventure, and part awesomely epic CGI video game.

It seems they wanted to do a lot of varied scenes so they did them all THEN LEFT THEM ALL IN.

Amber Heard's outfits always out shined her. And that's what the audience will remember about Aquaman: Style Over Substance

P.S. Unlike the Marvel movies, I think they purposely did a crappy job on the "young-ifying" CGI used on his parents. Nicole Kidman's future job offers will want the beautiful 51 yr old and not her creepy younger self.