The Meg ★★★★

This was much better than I expected.

When we showed up to this PG-13 movie, our theatre was mostly parents who had brought their 6 yr olds with them. I counted at least eight young boys and girls. Later after watching actors get eaten and buckets of blood and gore, some children started wailing. I smirked at the parents and gave them the "thumbs-up" as their reward. They left.

The Meg is a surprisingly well-made B-movie monster show. I expected more of a Deep Blue Sea style, but after the first 45min I couldn't believe I cared about these 1-dimensional characters. Once you get into it, you have fun laughing at the corny jokes and wonder who will get eaten next.

I'd read a while back that as the multi-million dollar Chinese boxoffice gets increasing larger every year, Hollywood would be shifting demographics to grab that cash! The Meg is just another in an ever-increasing line of Chinese+American movies and nothing sells over there like ACTION.

I, for one, welcome our new Chinese movie-backers. I'm so tired of whitebread film after whitebread film. One trailer we saw today was The House with a Clock in Its Walls. Jack Black and Cate Blanchett take a nerdy white boy orphan on an adventure. I'm so glad to see little nerdy white boys finally get a moment in the spotlight. Thanks, Spielberg!