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  • Bewitched



    I wish the second half of this film was as good as the first half. I loved how atmospheric and creepy it felt.. then it got boring, but at least the ending picked up a bit.

  • Forever in My Heart

    Forever in My Heart


    I’m sure it wouldn’t have been that hard to find an actual Irish lead 

    Then think hallmark. You find one and just make an Irish film yearly and you’ve got your go to lead!

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  • Wish Upon a Star

    Wish Upon a Star


    Don't care what people say, I saw this film first when I was like ten and still love it to this day. 

    It’s so 90s made for tv  (the purple lipgloss, Heigl wears in one of the opening scenes still haunts me, chunky shoes nobody could walk in yet I wanted a pair even though my mom always said no, the lacklustre parents so don’t care about what their kids do) that I now don’t even hesitate to say this…

  • All of My Heart

    All of My Heart


    This might be my second favourite Hallmark movie ever. I've got a soft spot for baby animals, so every scene with Gabby the goat was awesome.