Stefanie Kolk

Films I've watched or rewatched since March 2017. My favorite films tend to change.

Favorite films

  • The Woman Who Left
  • Red Desert
  • Wendy and Lucy
  • Princess Mononoke

Recent activity

  • Lost Paradise


  • The Virgin Suicides


  • Beach Rats


  • Menashe


Recent reviews

  • Happy Hour

    Happy Hour


    Ah! What a beautiful film about friendship and relationships in your thirties. And, it must be said, a film that is at once Japanese to the core AND unique coming from Japan. It's not a high school drama, and there aren't any goody-goody characters. Nor is there a weirdly handled date rape scene in the film.

    Ryusuke Hamaguchi totally and completely succeeds at portraying four women as real, rounded, complex human beings. Proof that there is no need for a female filmmaker to portray women: all you need is a good filmmaker.

  • Anomalisa



    Pretty brilliant and also very cynical and a bit sexist.

Popular reviews

  • Disappearance



    The human part of this film - the relationship between mother and daughter, her little brother - is witty, mature, and true. I thought it was cool how the film succeeded at sketching complex relationships with very little means and dialogue.

    Yet, I felt this film had something obvious and school-like to it.
    The three characters each have their own (very cinematic) hobby: photography, piano and (a kind of) sound art. Each of these three 'arts' have been literally used…

  • mother!



    Hard one, but I'm gonna go with the "pretentious mess".

    The film is quite intriguing for the first 30 minutes, but fails to be genuinely unsettling after it becomes too busy being an allegory.