Tenet ★★★★½

I had seen many negative or average reviews so I was worried due to anticipating this film so highly but I can easily say that this is the most fun cinema experience I’ve had in 2020 so far! The opening sequence alone captures you straight into the action, and doesn’t let you take a breath until it’s over. The brilliant execution of that scene alone had me know that it’d be a great ride ahead and surely enough, it was.

Featuring some of the craziest stunts and scenes I’ve seen, this is a film that screams out to be immersed into to experience a new world you have not experienced and it worked so well.

The plot was not hard to follow (for me personally) as many have criticised that, but I will say that near the end it does begin to get a tad confusing but not enough that you can’t figure it out after you leave the cinema so I was glad about that. 

It’s a film you should go into with a mind that isn’t set on understanding it but more to feel that emotion and the heat that rises up highly throughout the entire runtime to an explosive climax that I’m so stunned by.

If I tried spoiling this for you, I honestly couldn’t. It’s got so much engulfed in its core that I couldn’t really spoil it, even if I tried. It’s a fun time that also leaves you with lots to think, and would work better on rewatches as you fit the pieces of the puzzle together.

Overall I’m 100% going to see this again, as not only is it a film that presents many complex ideas to look into further - it’s also a bloody great time! If you haven’t gone to the cinema yet since lockdown, this is the perfect way to return. This film is what cinema should be and what it’s goal has always been as an artistic medium. I just loved everything about “Tenet” and can’t recommend it enough!

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