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  • Intermezzo: A Love Story

    Intermezzo: A Love Story


    Too slight to be of much consequence, but worth seeing if only for Toland’s cinematography.

  • The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex

    The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex


    Flynn never had a complex emotion in his life, and Davis and Curtiz know it. The two attempt to let Flynn’s simple-mindedness serve as Essex’s single-mindedness, and it almost works in that final negotiation. But however their attempt fails in the end, Davis turns out a fascinating and faceted performance and Curtiz has the good sense to get out of her way when she’s doing it. When she’s not, he manages some interesting, fun ostentation with shadows and queen-sized sets. But watch it for Davis. The rest is icing.

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  • Tomcat



    A brilliantly careful, thorough, often painful picture of a couple after the expulsion from Paradise, when love is joined by fear, anger, distrust and anxiety, yet no less present, if confusedly so. Astonishingly, welcomely, it makes no attempt to explicate the inexplicable, and is a brave, beautiful film for it.

    Klaus communicates the exhausting doldrums of being in love with someone you would love to but can't trust, perhaps unfortunately well for those who can't empathize, using social or at…

  • Zigeunerweisen



    Suzuki creates a structure so dense it's almost not one, characters, events, emotions, sounds bleeding across the whole thing. No individual moment is protected from the others by anything tougher than an over-ripe peach skin.