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  • The Sleepover

    The Sleepover


    Netflix suggested this after I watched something half decent, although I forgot what. Bloody waste of money, there's people starving in the world...

  • Bill & Ted Face the Music

    Bill & Ted Face the Music


    An enjoyable film, some good elements in it and more laughs than I expected. a few things didn't work but it was a pleasant enough film.

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  • Delta Farce

    Delta Farce


    This was on TV a while back, not only a bad comedy but offensively bad. Tired, hackneyed jokes and clichés. Precisely who this was made for I don't know but anybody involved with this project should feel shame, at the very least. Half a star because this review may save you time and stop you from watching it and that is worth it.

  • Case 39

    Case 39

    Ends up as another generic evil kid film, the beginning showed promise before it descended into cliché.