The Garden of Words

The Garden of Words ★★½

To me she represents nothing less than the very secrets of the world.”

Now how can I avoid making a quentin tarantino joke about this movie

I don’t know about this one, chief. I was searching up Josee, the Tiger and the Fish (which apparently released in theaters like 2 days ago, which I didn’t know at all) on Netflix, and this popped up. I added it to my list and saw it was only 45 minutes long, so I thought “screw it”, I’m just gonna watch it today. So I’m 5 minutes in, interested to where this going, and so I pull it up on Letterboxd, and then I see it’s by the same guy who made Weathering With You and Your Name, 2 movies which I really like. So hey, if Shinkai can make two really good movies, he’s bound to have made another great one, right? right?

This movie was a freaking mess. It’s got a really weird story structure that other Shinkai movies had, but it doesn’t really work here. I feel like I’m not connected to this character well enough, when I see the decisions they make, or see what their day to day life is, I don’t really care? I don’t feel like I know these people, they feel like strangers. No, I don’t want montages of things happening or time passing, I want actual scenes with these characters so I can get know them better. Hell, there’s a twist in this movie that I’m having a hard time even understanding. They give so little context to what happened to where I straight up don’t know. I can guess, but leaving it so ambiguous does the movie no favors, especially when a lot of the ending hinders on that twist and what is learned from it. 

This movie just made me mad, man. It had a good setup, a good idea, great animation, and a vibe that I and so many others love, but it just really let me down. I’m starting to really see the problems others have WWY...

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