Atomic Blonde ★★★

While this attempts to vault the female action hero to the forefront it doesn't seem to live up to expectations. The film amounts to a larger number of scenes where the protagonist slow motion walks into a building with a sprinkling of action thrown in. What action there is, is fantastic but I was left wanting more.

The movie felt built around an already overplayed 80's soundtrack rather than using the music to move the plot. Weren't there any deeper cuts we could have used that made the viewer want to go back and listen? The style was fun... drab colorless emotionless grey amongst the falling Berlin Wall backdrop with Theron in full color. I enjoyed the Ric Flair'esque blonde to bring out the blood in the action scenes.

Predictable and slow with a lot of fun in between Atomic Blonde is a mix of what you want and what you don't. While overall I enjoyed it, I never thought I would see an art house action film.