Top 5 Comedies

On episode 19 of "Cavemen on Film" we sit down to discuss Fist Fight and rank our top 5 favorite comedies. Here are the criteria I used for my choices. Hopefully these comedies made your list too:

1. Had to be quotable - One of the biggest things about a funny movie is our way to work the film's quotes into our everyday lives. This one is a must.
2. Had to be good throughout - There are a number of REALLY funny movies that just lose steam towards the end. To me, these 5 break that mold and are solid throughout.
3. Had to be realistic about the circumstances - While some of the films I chose feature over the top punchlines I like the sincerity of character. It makes them more approachable and realistic even in the most ridiculous circumstances.

  • The Big Lebowski


  • O Brother, Where Art Thou?


  • Tropic Thunder


  • Spaceballs


  • Friday