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  • Saw II

    Saw II


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    A little more back story on John and more victims in a bigger trap .. they went bigger & harder on it but not better .. still a really good and brutal fucking film though that needle scene is super uncomfortable to watch .. I Remember seeing this in theaters when it came out .. I like John’s back story parts , kinda wish there was more of that ..

  • Saw



    Most people are so ungrateful to be alive but not you ...not anymore ... 

    I remember seeing this when it came out and parts of it really terrified me! The gore is aplenty and it’s got a great fucked up mystery with a lotta twists .. it kicked off a series of films and over time the quality has dipped but this one definitely remains a classic.. parts of this are just so intense..  this is like the grittier gorier red headed step child of se7en..

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  • 1917



    Was that really 2 hours because it flew by! Every scene was amazing and every scene was a new level of stress. The tension level was so solid and when I wasn’t clenching I doing my hardest to not bawl... loved the soundtrack... loved that one shot ... No cheese at all and 100% immersive genuine feeling . ❤️🎉 cannot believe I was even debating seeing this. They played it up in that behind the scene promo as if it wasn’t your average war film and it really wasn’t ..

  • Swallow



    Fake it till you make it ...
    Loneliness & control over circumstances in ones life are a beast to tackle. Hunter handles it all by swallowing down the pain. She becomes more and more obsessed with consuming and expelling objects.

    This was really awesome, I expected a bit of oh fuck moments but not quite as many as I got and for reasons I didn’t see coming ... Gorgeous looking, a little satire, dark humor, so stressful and uneasy .. I…