Captive State

Captive State ★★★★

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts

Poor captive state completely tanked and I think it’s probably because it was misadvertised as an action alien invasion movie and that’s not what it is.
A lot of the film is cryptic conversations and you’re just following one person to another in a chain reaction of humans that are part of an uprising against the alien overlords, and some don’t even know they’re involved.. on top of this you have a detective (John goodman) who is trying to find and expose the group. The film is pretty stunning looking the use of color palette and the way everything is so highlighted in muted greenish blues and reds is fantastic. The aliens themselves aren’t used a lot but when they are it’s impressive along with some very cool future tech (it feels very low fi at times). Instead of an alien invasion film this is more like a noir spy thriller or Spy-fi. It can be a little confusing and my second watch on this was much easier to enjoy although I liked it the first time as well ... it’s a gritty, bleak has some great twists and in the end it’s about standing up for what’s right at all costs .. death to collaborators and anyone who takes away our freedoms!

After finishing Lovecraft County recently it was nice to see Johnathan Majors (Tic) again in something so soon I forgot he was in this..

Geez this seems very appropriate watching consider this weeks vote and I sincerely hope Trump loses! What a jerk.... We don’t need his evil overlord ass in control anymore!

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