Rent-A-Pal ★★★

It’s a wonder I didn’t turn out to be some disturbed maniac 

So this was cool, it was a little slow and it was a lot about David’s relationship with his mother who has dementia.... also obviously his interactions with his creepy rent a pal and how he becomes dependent on it as his outlet because he’s a super lonely guy trapped taking care of his mother living a miserable existence. His dependency on this fake friend becomes addictive & spirals out of control towards the end of the film and for the duration prior were just here to observe the complex character of David who is both a very caring soul but also pretty fucking disturbed.. This all takes place in the 80s and the nostalgia for VHS is (as my sister still says)...  MINT STEPHY😆... it looks like it was made wi th a pretty low budget but makes the absolute best of it. Wil  Wheaton as the creepy vhs friend is great and Brian Folkins Who reminds me of Jerry Espenson was awesome. Acting was better than expected and so was the cinematography in some ways . The VHS playback effects worked perfectly .. so mint 📼

It’s geared towards horror fans if you don’t mind drama and a slow burn instead of an all out killing spree throughout the entirety of the film

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