The Happening

The Happening ★★★★

This is the end isn’t it ?

I think this film happens to be a pretty great reflection on how we handle dangerous and unknown confusing events. How were assholes to eachother, how we don’t know what to do, desperation, misunderstanding, chaos, anxiety ... especially since you don’t even know what the cause is or how to be safe... pretty perfect watch these days and safety comes from staying away from others! I will really never understand why people hate on it.. I can see how the tone flops around a bit and its comical at times but that never bothered me. I’ve read the judgements of Wahlbergs acting but again I never had issues with it either .. I think this is probably my favorite lowest rated film. I find it genuinely creepy and the foreboding sense of dread really gets to me.. the overall concept is unique & fantastic score too... rewatches don’t ruin the effectiveness of the twist either, if anything it increases the intensity.

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