Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America: The Winter Soldier ★★★★★

i heavily debated logging a review to this because i logged it yesterday and i feel like im so annoying with this movie but i cant stop the tv from playing it so many times. this movie is my guilty pleasure, its one ill NEVER get tired of watching. i can recite lines, picture the scenes in my head, and i even get excited for certain scenes even though i know ive watched it more times than i can remember. every time the winter soldier comes out for the first time to the viewer, i freak out. i get sad when bucky gets erased again. i feel the intensity during the street fight, the hellicarrier fight, the elevator fight, etc. i feel excitement and love for this movie EVERY single time i watch, there is no stopping that. im rambling but i hope yall dont judge me for the amount of times i log this movie in my lifetime. i will never stop having as much love as i have for this movie every time. i wish i could experience the first time i watched this because i remember clearly how emersed i was and when it ended, my heart was racing.

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