Loitering with Intent ★★★

Not bad but not great. Two struggling NYC actors who spend more time working as bartenders than acting get a chance to write a screenplay but have to complete it in 10 days. So they head to a place in upstate New York owned by the sister of one. When the sister, her sexy best friend, her ex and his brother show up, it develops into a rom-com where the four men vie for the two women.

The two recognizable stars here are Marisa Tomei (as the sister) and Sam Rockwell (as the sister's ex, a former soldier with vague PTSD symptoms). Both do good work, although the Rockwell character is a bit weird. There's also a brief appearance by Natasha Lyonne ("Orange is the New Black") as the producer commissioning the screenplay. The other cast was unfamiliar to me. There's a heavy "Bro" and "Dude" feel to all the male characters, which is a bit annoying, and the banter between the two guys trying to write the screenplay is overly peppered with theater/film school references.

But overall, a reasonably pleasant way to pass a low-key evening but not worth seeing a second time. It apparently was featured at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2014. Another interesting fact is that the two characters collaborating on a screenplay are actually the ones who wrote the screenplay for this film. I saw it on Amazon Prime, where it can be streamed free.