My Son ★★★½

Reasonably good French thriller about a father (the always reliable Guillaumet Canet) searching for his kidnapped son. Compared to American films dealing with the same subject, this one delves a bit more into the complex family interactions between Canet and his ex-wife (played by Melanie Laurent). He's been a largely absent father since their divorce, traveling the globe for "work" - which seems connected with some sort of international intrigue. She has found a new boyfriend with little regard for the son from her prior marriage and more intent on starting them on a new life.

The film focuses on Canet as he pursues a number of false leads but eventually tracks down the culprits. There's a number of violent scenes and lots of beautiful shots of him driving through the snowy mountain region of France of the film's setting. It held my interest throughout, and was more intellectually engaging than what one would see in its American counterparts.

I saw this as a Netflix rental.