Point Break ★★★

An early 1990s action film that's gained a cult following over the years. In spite of a silly plot (a group of California surfers who moonlight as bank robbers) and a lot of unbelievable moments, it definitely is entertaining. Directed by Kathryn Bigelow and produced by James Cameron (they were married at the time), the action sequences are exciting (especially an exhilarating skydive) and well-photographed. I also liked the plot conceit about the robbers calling themselves the Ex-Presidents and wearing masks of Nixon, Reagan, Carter and LBJ, with accompanying mannerisms and catch phrases.

This was Keanu Reeves' first action role ("Speed" was a few years later). He plays an ex-football star turned FBI agent who infiltrates the surfers to catch them, with the memorable name Johnny Utah. Patrick Swazyze is Bodhi, the New Age-type leader of the surfers, and Gary Busey is an older blustery FBI agent to whom Reeves is assigned. Although there is a romantic interest for Reeves, this is a strictly male affair with a bonding between Utah and Bohdi that borders on homoerotic. And the girl Reeves falls for (Lori Petty) is sort of androgynous.

Not my usual choice for a film, but I heard it mentioned on a podcast and wound up enjoying it for what it's worth, and also as an early effort by Bigelow. Seen as a rental through Netflix.