Reprise ★★★★

Debut feature by Joachim Trier, a Norwegian director. I'd seen a later film by him "Oslo, August 31" and was impressed. This is quite good - it's about two young friends who are both aspiring writers. Philip (Anders Danielsen Lie) gets published early but has a psychotic episode and never fully recovers. Erik (Espen Louman Hoiner) becomes his caretaker and has success later. It follows their journey, centering on their friendships, their love relationships and their career struggles.

The acting and directing is quite good, and there are moments of humor throughout the film. There's a definite art-film vibe, with an occasional narrator (reminding me of Truffaut), some blackouts and use of title cards. Overall, it works well, and you feel like you know these young men and are invested in their outcomes, as the film ends.

Seen on the Criterion Channel, where it premiered this month. Hope they add more of Trier's films.