Tales of the City ★★½

I wanted to like this. I really did. But I found that I just couldn't get engaged in the storyline and was annoyed by a number of the characters. I'm a gay man (of a certain age), had read some of the earlier "Tales" by Armistead Maupin, and liked much of the earlier series. But this seemed forced and tailored to "please".

Laura Linney is always a delight to watch, and I liked her very much here. But the Ellen Page character (and frankly most of the younger generation portrayed) seemed to be very intentionally "woke" and cool that their characters seemed one-dimensional. Perhaps I should have tried to make it through all the episodes. But there are just too many other well-done series available today, and I moved on.

One final thing... San Francisco has changed significantly since the earlier "Tales". But the effects of the tech industry and the high cost of housing seemed strangely absent from this new effort. It seemed way too nostalgic for an earlier period of time.