The King ★★★

Based on Shakespeare's trilogy (Henry IV I and II, and Henry V), this Netflix production focuses on the transformation of young Hal from a prodigal and profligate son to a warrior to a King of England. Chalomet handles the role quite well, but the film is slow-moving over it's 2 1/2 hour length and doesn't fully engage us in any of the characters other than Henry. The photography is good although dark, the battle scenes are brutal in portraying how medieval warfare was waged before sophisticated weaponry, and there's a ponderous score throughout.

Good enough but could've been much better, given the big names behind the production and the money spent. One very annoying bit was Robert Pattison playing the Dauphin of France, with an odd accent and very little to explain why he is so snarky. A lot of commentators pointed out the historical inaccuracies. But if you know the Shakespeare trilogy, it adheres to much of it with the big buildup being the famous Battle of Angincourt.

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