Us ★★★½

I had a similar response to "Us" as I did to Jordan Peele's first film "Get Out": an interesting premise with some great dark comedic touches but in the end, doesn't come together as a whole. Both films also rely pretty heavily on gore and shock - all done more creatively and tastefully than in a cheapo horror film, but dominating the storyline too much.

This is a classic doppelganger plot - a family on a beach vacation encounters their murderous doubles and spends most of the plot fleeing from them in one harrowing situation after another. As with "Get Out', Peele gets great performances out of his cast. Lupita Nyongo'o and the child actors in this really shine. There is also a good flashback sequence at the start and the close of the film to provide the explanation for the doubles. And finally some truly creative sequences involving an Alexa-like device and a scene at the beach early on.

The ending here was particularly unsatisfactory and (for me) hard to understand. I gave this a rating close to 4 because the film as a whole is particularly well-directed and acted. But the script relies too much on similar films, including the ubiquitous zombie genre.

Seen as a rental from Netflix.