Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★

I would say I appreciate a good zombie movie as much as the next guy, and Zack Snyder does play with the concept of what a zombie can be in clever ways throughout this film. That being said, while the movie has an interesting premise, it slowly begins to unravel the longer you watch it. As this is both a zombie and a heist film, there are certain cliches that come with both of those territories, and Army of the Dead falls into a lot of them. Some are unavoidable due to the nature of the story, whereas there are others the movie certainly could have done without, namely all the fridging. This may be me being nit-picky, but this movie might have set a record for the number of female characters it fridged (I honestly lost track). While the film's diverse cast in terms of both race and gender was something that initially sold me on this film, the reality is that almost all the characters, especially the female ones, are treated so terribly by this film's script. I certainly never expected everyone to make it out of this film alive (I mean it's a zombie movie so obviously some characters are going to bite the dust), but it got to a point where a lot of the character deaths, particularly those of the female characters, were unnecessarily gruesome in an attempt to elicit an emotional response from the viewer. The film has some really great action scenes and sequences where the tension is built incredibly high to keep you on the edge of your seat, but the good just doesn't do enough to outweigh the bad. Army of the Dead ends with what is clearly an obvious set up for a sequel, but if there is one, I doubt I'll be watching it.

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