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  • Earwig and the Witch

  • United Passions

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  • Flux Gourmet

    Flux Gourmet


    The Twin Geeks Review 

    Surrealism is at its best when it is about many metaphorical things while also being just about itself. The surreal worlds these works inhabit are well realised and distinct, even if the logic they abide by isn’t the logic we know. It is tempting to say that Flux Gourmet is a film about artistic responsibility, about art’s ability to reflect, about repression and is, to a large extent, about living with a health condition. But, even…

  • Macbeth



    The only limit here is TV production. Scuzzy visuals and a comedically underwhelming final fight scene get in the way of what is otherwise one of the most fascinating Macbeth's ever. Béla Tarr, the mad man, takes the Bard's three hour tragedy, condenses it to sixty-two minutes and films it in two takes.

    Two takes? So, about half an hour each, then? No. After a five minute prologue sequence that takes us up to Macbeth heading home after being crowned…

Recent reviews

  • Earwig and the Witch

    Earwig and the Witch

    It’s easy to see the aesthetic of this film as being overly critiqued, or at least overly prioritised. Yes, if this same look came from a non-Ghibli film, it wouldn’t get as derided. But, it doesn’t come from a non-Ghibli film; it invokes its own juxtaposition and invites comparison to what we know can be. Additionally, though, the aesthetic isn’t just one part, it’s indicative of the film’s wider issues.

    The aesthetic just doesn’t cohere. Some detailed, and actually rather…

  • United Passions

    United Passions

    Jack and I employ a special guest, Josh, to guide us through football. We are watching the worst films known to humanity and this is one of.

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Popular reviews

  • The Tragedy of Macbeth

    The Tragedy of Macbeth


    As an English Literature teacher who has taught Shakespeare’s Macbeth for seven years, my perspective on adaptations will differ to most. While I understand that Joel Coen’s turn is a striking piece of cinema full of good actors saying pretty words, and certainly is cinematic (on a visual level), it is a lukewarm adaptation that is often at odds with the strength of the source material. Coen’s Macbeth feels like what people think Shakespeare is: an arch, arty thing to…

  • The French Dispatch

    The French Dispatch

    The Twin Geeks Review

    Usually, it's easy to review a Wes Anderson film. Really, it's as simple as employing a flow-chart: do you like Wes Anderson films? If yes, you will like this one, now read on for a breakdown of what flavour of Wes this is; if no, you will not like this movie. This time, it is not so simple. You see, I love Wes Anderson films. I've seen them all and have found things to love in…