Dirty Harry

A right wing wet dream of law and order. It’s a renegade cop that routinely enacts brutality, racism and sexism but gets the job done. Way better than those pencil pushers and their rules that just get in the way of solving crimes! This could be better if it showed him as a broken man, or showed turmoil, or had him as a character. He is not a character; he is just a super hero cop - he is only a cop. It sucks.

And then you have the villain, the perfect boogeyman invented to justify Harry’s actions - the personified nightmare of the 70s conservative. He’s needlessly queer coded; has a hippy aesthetic and targets priests, women and children. Yes, in fiction, he’s an awful human but his construction is fascinating as none of it is necessary to make him a villain but all these traits are what define his villainy for the audience, and seek to make it acceptable for Harry to gun him down.

Oh, and the iconic scene (which happens twice) is really silly and clunky, especially the first time.