The House Is Black

The House Is Black ★★★★★

A work of great empathy and purpose. We focus on those with leprosy; a visual poem crafted to expose the plight and the need for care. It is a supposed exposure of the ugly sides of life, the ever existing ones, but is truly a work of beauty, humanism and love.

Poetry and religious readings underscore well chosen images, these visuals becoming poetic features themselves. It would be easy to see this as an Ode, but that would be too reductive. This is not a celebration, but nor is it mere exposé. This is a layered portrait of how things are and what is done.

The real wonder is that it is never only one thing, but it is always beautiful and powerful. A reminder here is that beauty often resides in sadness and loss. Discrete images will stay in my mind, the writing on a wall is one of them. The words carry such desperation, such sadness and hurt. But the phrasing is so open, so caring and so human. And the look of the language is so beautiful.

Yet again, beauty and power, but a beauty born of sadness and loss.

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