Black Swan ★★★★½

With the release of Noah fast approaching, I wanted to check out more of Aronofsky's work before the $130 million dollar bomb dropped. Requiem has been one of my favorite films for a while now, permanently etched into memory. We bought Black Swan a while back, so we popped it in.

I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it was definitely not this.

The next 110 minutes were a whirlwind of melodrama, surrealism, and a sprinkling of horror. So many themes were approached, and tackled—and successfully so. Black Swan is a very rich, deep film with an equally deep narrative, disguised as a simple ballet. Despite the many times it forces you to decipher fact from fiction, the film remains focused.

Natalie Portman is excellent, and a very believable "white swan". The film explores the lengths at which talented people will go for their craft, overworking themselves to achieve greatness. Natalie has complete and total dedication to her role... and it ultimately consumes her.

There's a ton left to discuss but I'll cut myself off by saying that I enjoyed the film. It's gritty, elegant, and probably not what you're expecting, but it is fantastic. Aronofsky is an incredible director, and I'm excited to see Noah next week.