Dog Day Afternoon ★★★★½

This was one of the "you have to watch this" films we were told about in film school. Glad I finally got around to it.

Dog Day Afternoon is a bit dated, but it's still magnificent. You'll spend 2 hours in a single (!) location while being told a fascinating (and true!) story. A bank robbery that should've taken 10 minutes runs into problem after problem, and the misfortunate of the protagonists leads you to root for them. Dark and light-hearted humor with a plot twist at the halfway mark that changes your perception of the story and characters.

Al Pacino is absolutely incredible and sells the whole thing. Much of the dialogue feels completely unrehearsed and improvised, leading to a much more believable final product.

This is not a film to be missed, especially if you're a film student. And remember: Wyoming is not a country.