National Lampoon's Vacation ★★★

It's been many years since I've seen Vacation in full--it seems to be king of "I caught parts of it on television"--but Mal had never seen the movie so we watched it tonight for our anniversary.

The film isn't quite as funny as I remember it, but it's still enjoyable throughout and easy to see why it's achieved cult status. The bits with Aunt Edna and John Candy are probably my favorite, though the whole movie is a fun watch.

We had the "30th Anniversary Edition" Blu-Ray which also had a "Inside Story: Making of Vacation" mini-doc so we watched that after, too. It didn't do a fantastic job but I did learn a few things I didn't know before! The last scene of the film was only included after test audiences hated the original ending, for instance. It was filmed several months later, and during that time the actor that played Rusty had a huge growth spurt, so he's much taller than he was in other parts of the film. I love learning that sort of stuff.

Overall, still a great movie and it was nice to share that with Mal. "Holiday Road" always plays in my head on long car rides.