Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny ★★★★

For the record, I watched this movie with RiffTrax. Even though this film would be equally creepy without it, I'm sure it'd be a little boring, too.

Probably one of the weirdest films ever made. Santa gets his sleigh stuck in the sand in Florida, and immediately uses his devil magic to force nearby children to come help him. They bring various barnyard animals to pull his sleigh (the reindeer ditched him, of course), but then Santa decides to tell a 80 minute story about Thumbelina in the middle of it all. I can't make this up.

At times I completely forgot the movie was about Santa Claus at all—almost the entire movie is about Thumbelina. When they finally cut back I was like, "oh yeah, Santa" because we had cut away for over an hour.

The ending is horrifying, but with RiffTrax I laughed harder than I think I ever have. I remember tears streaming down my face and at one point struggling to breathe... I have no idea if it was truly that funny, but I watched it with a group of people and they all did the same, so take that how you will.

Also, this film is probably in a top 10 list for "endangering children." Santa first, safety second. Anyway, I'd recommend it with RiffTrax.