Spaceballs ★★★½

On a whim, Mal noticed that Spaceballs, a Mel Brooks film she's never seen before, was being removed from Netflix soon. Quick, to the television!

I've seen the film before (several times in fact!) with some of my Star Wars-loving friends, but it's been many years ago. It's better than I remember it, and there's definitely some jokes that I'm sure my younger self just wouldn't have understood.

It's not the best or funniest film ever made, but it's a really great parody, and has some amazing Mel Brooks humor to it. Some of the bits ("I'm surrounded by Assholes!") are timeless, and many are incredibly clever, too.

I think it's also interesting that neither Mal or I have ever seen the original Star Wars trilogy in their entirety (we've caught bits and pieces here and there), but could identify all of the character parodies. It's a testament for how well Star Wars has seeped into American pop culture over the last few decades.

Overall a fun watch, and highly recommended for anyone who likes Brooks' style of humor, and doubly recommended for any Star Wars fan who has (somehow) missed the film up to this point.

And remember... May the Schwartz be with you. Merchandising!