The Book of Eli ★★★½

I have a lot of conflicting thoughts about Eli, but it was overall a positive experience.

The film revolves around Eli, a man who survived a presumed nuclear war that left the world in a post-apocalyptic state. He now travels west on a very specific mission: but to explain any further would give key points of the film away.

The look is great: fantastic color-grading gives it just the right vibes. Some of the first bit was perhaps a little too dark, since you'd often see more silhouettes than people. Occasionally parts of the film just feel like they're being shot on a sound stage in front of a green screen, but it didn't affect my immersion too much.

The plot is... something. I can't tell if I want to call it genuinely intriguing or Da Vinci Code levels of crazy. It falls somewhere in the middle and rides up and down like a coaster. By the end of the film I decided I had enjoyed it, though I also feel like it probably could've ended about 10 minutes sooner.

Denzel does an amazing job at portraying Eli, though some of the supporting cast was a bit lacking. I've never had a problem with Mila Kunis before, but I'm not sure casting her was the proper choice here. It's by no means "bad", but there were more than a few times where it felt like a forced performance.

It also has a bit of the "invincible badass" genre going on, and when it shows up, it's really, really good. Unfortunately there's a lot of downtime between those scenes, and it serves as a reminder that this film is first and foremost a drama, not an action movie. (But it does get the action bits correct!)

All in all, this is a film I'd recommend primarily to fans of the "post-apocalyptic" genre. Eli is an amazing character, and even if the plot is a little ludicrous at times, I think it's still worth your 2 hours. It also has one of those reveals at the end that makes you say, "oh my god, we have to rewatch the entire film", and honestly I love that sort of thing.