Toy Story ★★★★★

Yes, go ahead and get it out of your system: I've never seen Toy Story. The movie came out when I was 6, so I was probably the prime viewing audience for it, but just never saw it. What's weird is I remember having a Woody action figure as a kid, even though I had never seen the film.

But holy crap, this movie delivers. From a technical standpoint, it definitely shows its age (it's 21 years old now!), but the characters and world feel so alive. A magnificent script that's paced well for children (and full of fun little innuendos for adults) accompanies the film. The soundtrack by Randy Newman is honestly a weird choice, but one that ultimately works for the film.

Even today, kids would love this movie. I loved this movie! I just feel bad it took me 21 years to finally watch it.

To infinity and beyond!