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  • Mothra vs. Godzilla

    Mothra vs. Godzilla


    I'm not sure I'm quite ready to follow consensus on this one. It is still the best of all the follow-ups to the OG Godzilla thus far, but the human element still feels profoundly lacking. Sure, there is no grating comic relief akin to King Kong vs. Godzilla, but a lot of time is spent with these characters and they are all incredibly paper-thin with nary a sign of inner life. And dare I say it, it's rather boring during…

  • King Kong vs. Godzilla

    King Kong vs. Godzilla


    I would have loved to say this turned out to be the superior of the three different times King Kong squared against Godzilla in all of cinema, or at least, the most entertaining. I'm not even sure I can go there. It pretty much shares the same flaws as this year's Godzilla vs. Kong; the human drama is completely inane, the two main points of interest (being Godzilla and King Kong) don't really intersect all that well together, and the…

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