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  • Bad Lieutenant

    Bad Lieutenant

    when my friend barney died of a drug overdose two years ago, in my shock and grief I tried desperately to understand how he could possibly have gotten himself into such a dark place and endless spiral. I had nightmares thinking about him feeling alone and scared and thinking he had no way out. i desperately re-read our last text conversation, two months before his passing, where he told me that he had checked into rehab for the second time…

  • The Way We Were

    The Way We Were


    in no world, NO WORLD, could I find anything remotely attractive about hubbel gardiner

    (ascended to a third dimension when I finally got the gilmore girls reference, though)

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  • Olla


    wham bam thank you ham

  • Tenet



    Gooped, gagged, shablammed

    Even paying the closest attention, Tenet is always three steps ahead (or behind), scarcely letting you draw breath or comprehend large plot points before discarding and them moving on to something else. The film is jarring, disorientating and cuts abruptly in between set pieces and storylines, which from a metaphorical standpoint works incredibly well, but as entertainment does alienate the audience somewhat. You're thrown STRAIGHT IN and it's SO LOUD for the entire two and a half…