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  • The Clone Master

    The Clone Master


    Two scientists are working secretly to clone humans for what they assume is a secret government project. They receive suitcases full of money from their 'contact' who is then killed by some sort of foreign criminal organization or mercenary spy group...who knows, it's never fully explained. The criminal who killed their 'secret contact' tries to replace him and get the scientists to start cloning humans as fast as possible because he thinks he can make a billion dollars.
    Ralph Bellamy,…

  • Young Ones

    Young Ones


    Starring Zod (Michael Shannon) and Nicholas Hoult from the Xmen.

    This movie is not what I expected at all. For some reason I expected some sort of “post-apocalyptic” futuristic tale about how these young people deal with life or some sort of situations illustrating how difficult their lives are, or what strange conflicts they face in the future…or something like that. This movie did not really go into territory like that, but this is no “SyFy” movie of the week…

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  • Jupiter Ascending

    Jupiter Ascending

    Phantom Menace meets Twilight. Fuck that.

  • The Day Time Ended

    The Day Time Ended


    Three and a half? Well, context is everything, considering this movie. It has the budget of an ABC TV movie of the week, well... maybe a bit more than that... So here's the deal, if you were born after 1980, it is likely you will not understand how anyone could get anything from this movie at all, if you were born before 1980, and grew up in the 70s, aha... now listen up... You remember things, you were exposed to…