Cybertronic Movies

Future Sci-Fi, Dystopias, Computers, Robots, Techsploitation. Movies about contraptions gone wrong, drones, clones and futuristic automobiles, fascist dictatorships of the future, cybernetics, genetic engineering, and all that futuristic stuff apart from space-shit.

A long time ago people used to build statues. Artificial people were made of marble and stone. There were funny stories about these statues coming to life. Why would we build artificial people? Mainly for five reasons. (There's always five) 1. To somehow sidestep the responsibility and consequence of killing or murder. To build some kind of fake person to do your bidding.
2. Sex. It began with inflatable love-dolls, now it's androids. We're there.
3. Schmaltz. To create the illusion of normality of artificial people. They will…

There are 5 films in this list released in the 1930s.

  • Just Imagine
  • Master of the World
  • Non-Stop New York
  • Tomorrow's Children
  • The Vanishing Shadow