All That Heaven Allows

All That Heaven Allows ★★★★½

Jane Wyman and Rock Hudson are great as Cary and Ron who are both in love with each other but are forced apart due to their ignorant surroundings where everyone just has to have an opinion and think they know whats best for everyone. Sound familiar?, yea we can probably all relate in a way to the hypocrisy explored in this great Douglas Sirk film. From a son who clearly cares more about himself being happy then his mother and a daughter thinking Ron is below her mothers standards. Down to the entire block of narrow minded folks who can't wait to look down on those wanting to be happy in a way that doesn't fit into their preconceived notions.

I'd already seen two films from Douglas Sirk before this so I already knew how visually stunning this would look but was actually even more blown away then before, Russell Metty is an absolute master. The use of color in this film is just incredible as is the music and Sirk's direction is really unique. We can see what we need to in the characters faces, Jane Wyman doesn't even need to say much for us to see how she's feeling and her performance is one of great restraint especially for a melodrama. Rock Hudson is equally as impressive and both absolutely carry the film. I greatly felt the emotion that was intended and was sucked in straight away, I just wish the ending was a little different.

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