Tenet ★★★½

Dealing with it's theme of Time Inversion Nolan's latest film has the energy of Minority report and is as genuinely confusing as Primer whilst being uniquely it's own with it's plot. Nolan is known for making big films that challenge his audience but for me none of them are actually as baffling as Tenet, like none come close. I admire the ambiguity very much and the set pieces are constantly brilliant here and with how convoluted the film is the way it's edited is incredible. So much is constantly going on to the point where i'd actually be surprised if anyone claimed to follow it perfectly the first time around. There are pretty much two options for me and one is that this film is just incredibly complex and should improve on re-watches or it's many ideas didn't actually translate that well into a film. What I'm most surprised by is that besides being stunned by certain sequences I really didn't get a whole lot of enjoyment out of it. It seemed that not enough care was put into it's characters and I was never emotionally invested which is never a good thing. But who knows it could be a very different experience the second time and it's well-made and admirable enough to not get a lower rating.

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