• If Beale Street Could Talk

    If Beale Street Could Talk


    Good movie, well written, strong performances.

  • The Nightingale

    The Nightingale


    Aisling Franciosi is fantastic and the film is exceptionally well directed.

  • Brendan Schaub: You'd Be Surprised

    Brendan Schaub: You'd Be Surprised

    I watched Brendan Schaub: You'd Be Surprised today. I haven't watched a ton of comedy specials, but I liked most of the ones I have seen. This one is by far the worst stand up comedy special I have seen. Schaub simply is not funny. He is also not likeable. He doesn't have the necessary charisma or charm to pull off a comedy special. The jokes are not funny or witty. His delivery is poor and he just comes across…

  • Clash



    An effective and well written drama with good performances.

  • Carnival of Souls

    Carnival of Souls


    Am I going crazy or was this actually not that bad? Granted, it's not very good, but it isn't as bad as some of the other films I have watched lately. I thought the acting was mostly okay. The story was somewhat interesting, although they could have done more with it. There were some boring parts, but also a couple of sort of cool moments along the way. This is nowhere near as good as the original 1962 Carnival of…

  • Love Is Strange

    Love Is Strange


    Good performances, but I didn't find the story very interesting.

  • Don't Worry Darling

    Don't Worry Darling


    This was entertaining. Florence Pugh did a good job and Chris Pine is fantastically villainous. I thought Harry Styles was miscast and his performance didn't work for me. The story was interesting and I was satisfied by the resolution. I also really liked the cinematography and the score.

  • Terrifier



    An entertaining and effective horror film. It doesn't clown around.

  • Kinky Coaches and the Pom Pom Pussycats

    Kinky Coaches and the Pom Pom Pussycats

    The first time I watched this, I was hoping it would be fun and amusing, but it was not. The writing and acting range from awful to mediocre. Performances are not believable and dialogue is cringe worthy. The film is generic, dated, and derivative. Most of the jokes aren't funny and the film is boring. This film needed to be more fun and have better attempts at humour. I did like some of the cute cheerleaders though. The title Kinky Coaches and the Pom Pom Pussycats is more amusing than the actual film.

  • The Legend of the Titanic

    The Legend of the Titanic


    I watched The Legend of the Titanic (1999) today. This animated film tells the "real" story of the sinking of the Titanic, which involves a giant Octopus and some evil sharks. The plot of the movie is inherently offensive and problematic as it tries to rewrite history and put a happy ending on a tragedy. The animation is mediocre, but I did enjoy the design of the octopus (which was ridiculous looking). Some of the voice acting was okay. I chuckled a couple times, but most of the film was fairly boring.

  • The Incredible Petrified World

    The Incredible Petrified World

    So I watched The Incredible Petrified World (1959) today. Directed by Jerry Warren, the film stars John Carradine, Robert Clarke, and Phyllis Coates. It's listed as action, adventure, and sci-fi on imdb, but isn't really much of any of them. This is a boring film. Not much happens. What happens isn't very interesting. Acting isn't very good or memorable. This is a poorly made film and not fun or entertaining. At least, it is short.

  • Still Life

    Still Life


    A well made film anchored by an excellent performance from Eddie Marsan.