Midsommar ★★★

I've always wondered why more horror films don't focus on the trauma of unravelling disconnection in a relationship. Midsommar makes a decent fist of it, but it's a bit too much of a thematic muddle to make it work. It's also a problem that only Dani's inner workings are given any focus, and the grief that she is suffering is so unavoidably specific and extreme that a lot of resonance is lost.

Still, most of the horror, for me at least, came from knowing that Dani has no one to give her the support and understanding that she craves, and that she has settled for someone with nothing more than empty gestures, platitudes, resentment and occasional gaslighting to offer. Astor's script hammers this point home again and again, to the extent that it becomes clear that the idea was only half-formed to begin with.

Still, Midsommar is good, weird, gruesome fun. Like everyone else, I'm excited to see what Ari Astor does next. I just hope he does it with a bit more focus.

Now I'm off to make sure my partner feels held.

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