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  • Collision Earth

    Collision Earth


    At the end of this film, there was not a single nuclear warhead remaining.
    After the whole world came together to stop ultimate destruction, there is true hope that nations can finally come together and unite under one peaceful banner with no threat of nuclear warfare. #justsaying

  • Doublespeak



    It is very good at putting us into the uncomfortableness of the scenes and into the (unfortunate) everyday placement of harassment. The omnipresence of the high up exec makes the film's themes all the more potent. More entertainment needs to tackle subjects like this.

    However, there is a lack of narrative push. Due to social movements, we now have a culture more aware of workplace harassment, and this short only expands on the basics of this deep subject. A truly original take could have pushed this good short film into a great short film.

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  • Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman


    The film takes a nice change in the DCU and this is a welcomed change to see. Instead of being a gloomy and dark superhero film Wonder Woman is full of hope and prosperity. Yet at the same time the film still manages to find time to put these darker tones and features into the film in a way that doesn't feel placed. This helps to alone the solo film in the DCU. The villain of the film managed to…

  • Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

    Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood


    The length of the film caused it to drag because so soooooo much running time was just filled with what I would term as babble, this being pointless tv, adverts, radio, and music which adds nothing to the drama, plot, or story. It is so common for films to rely on a good soundtrack to sell the movie and make it enjoyable. I understand how the film is a collaboration of different arts but let's not lose track of the…