David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet ★★★★

This review is more of an exposition on the topic of how to live within the world our species is destroying. Read on if you want to hear a rant.

Come on. We need to stop using oil and plastic, stop cutting down trees, and stop killing animals (this includes farming!). Absolutely don't buy anything you don't need. There is an almighty chain that goes into producing one thing and if you can cut that chain, then do it.
Don't have more than two children. Consider adoption.
Start contributing your funds, time, and thoughts to ending poverty and promoting sustainability. This ALL needs to happen NOW.

Or you can ignore the destruction of beauty. Go back to driving your fifth petrol drinking car to the local shops to buy the carcass of a sentient animal, and then drive it all the way home (missing out on activity you need and would naturally get) and scoff that animal down while you sit on your arse growing less unique by the day as you become all consumed by your thrid phone in three years, equipped with all the 'social' media accounts you like, but are actually only designed to be addictive and crave your attention with the aim of turning your personality into a number.

P.S. David Attenborough talking about eating (a.k.a. destroying) nature by promoting fishing goes against a lot of the things he says needs to change. Plants and animals are both nature. Eating animals is a way of destroying nature. And that doesn't even mention the contradictory factors of farming vs sustainability with direct and indirect consequences.