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  • Aniki-Bóbó



    Not the first neorealistic film but certainly among the most influential. An intelligent and sensitive film about children's lives in the old city of Porto. This was Oliveira's debut film.

  • Factory



    A visual poem whose cinematic rhythms are as significant as its political underpinnings.

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  • Sicily!



    Straub-Huillet's most Godardian film, both structurally and thematically. Adapted from Vittorini's Conversazione in Sicilia, in which a man returns to visit his native Sicily and is besieged by the memories of the past, it is however typically austere and very much believes in the material properties of cinema.

  • A Borrowed Life

    A Borrowed Life


    A touching meditation on the nature of time and memory. I was reminded of Hsiao-hsien, but it could be because it's a Taiwanese film. Marty Scorsese has spoken highly of it and he's seldom wrong.