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This review may contain spoilers.

Fuck man, that was actually really sad. I guess I never realized how long Craig’s Bond has been in my life. He’s been my Bond as far back as I can remember, and honestly it hurts to see him (and Felix my king) go. I love Craig though, and I hope he goes on to have the career he deserves. 

Speaking of Craig, I feel like they kind of let him loose in this movie. He seemed pretty loquacious, especially compared to Casino Royale Bond. The moviemaking on display here was incredibly impressive— Fukunaga is not Fuking around. 

Also, perhaps most importantly, every single woman in this movie is fucking drop dead gorgeous. I can’t believe that’s all the Ana de Armas (the love of my life) that they’re going to give me. Also, Lea Seydoux (the love of my life) is a milf and looks fucking fantastic. 

All in all I had a great time. It felt a little understuffed, especially with a run time this long, but for Craig’s Last Dance I don’t mind sticking it out.

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